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The Health Resort Institute (former Health Resort Natural Therapy Institute) provides comprehensive health services based on kinaesthetic physical therapy, therapeutic massage, physical therapy, light therapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, ultrasound therapy, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and peloidotherapy.

Visit the brine swimming pools and tub baths, or try out our mud baths and mud wrappings based on our own natural therapeutic resources. 

The Health Resort Institute also offers stimulating general systemic cryotherapy in a specialised chamber. This treatment is a perfect form of biological renewal, slowing down the ageing processes, improving the mood and reducing fatigue. 

Approximately 6000 treatments are performed every day at the Health Resort Institute. Our patients include those staying at the Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort, those referred by the Health Resort Clinic, as well as people from other sanatoriums and hotels in Ustroń.

Everything that the patient needs is available: rich natural resources, a broad range of treatments and qualified personnel. At the Health Resort Institute everyone feels special. The patient's needs are of the utmost importance, and improving their physical condition, health and well-being is a priority for the staff.

 The Health Resort Institute means professionalism in providing care services for everyone.