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Treatments without order

Below is the list of treatments that do not require ordination:

 Terapeutic mud treatments  bath - hole body in an oak tub
limb bath  upper and lower limbs
Bath mud compresses – 1 body region
FANGO – compresses on 1 body region 
 brine – bath
 pearl bath in brine water
pearl bath
whirpool bath – upper limbs
whirpool bath – lower limbs 
aromatic jacuzzi bath with oils
 ozone bath – Ozonomatic  
  pneumatic – brine
  gymnastics in brine swimming pool
Kinesiotherapy – therapeutic exercises  individual exercises using devices 
 group exercises
Aqua Aerobik
learning to walk
non-weight-bearing exercises
 active resistance exercises
 individual session with patient
march training on a track
 march training outside (Nordic Walking)
Massage          therapeutic – partial (20 minutes)
therapeutic – whole body (45 minutes)
underwater – manual (15 minutes)
underwater – mechanical
 compression (BOA) pneumatic massage 
 relaxation dry water massage – AQUAMED (15 minutes) 
partial manual lymphatic massage (15 minutes)
Manual therapy – non-invasive restoration of the corresct mobility of joints and muscles 
Self-massage – oedema prevention (the Rosomak Sanatorium)
Topical cryotherapy – 1 body region (about 3 minutes)
Exercises in the Hubbard tank - individual exercises in the water
Phototheraoy Sollux lamp
  polarised light therapy
Brine swimming pool  
Nordic Walking walk a route
Agua Aerobik 1 entry
Body Shape  
Salt cave