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Personal training   

"Health & Fitness" personal training is a form of individual class supervised by a specialist, a personal trainer who can adapt the exercises to the patient's goals and abilities. This form of training with a personal trainer is not reserved solely for celebrities. Such training provides maximum safety, as the trainer is constantly monitoring, controlling and correcting our work. Training that is performed in a technically correct manner guarantees better effects in a much shorter time. With every training session the intensity and type of training, as well as the selected exercises, are modified in order to constantly stimulate the muscular, nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

In practice this translates into an exceptional and unique, as well as the most effective, method of achieving visible and long-lasting training results.

Personal training is for everyone, regardless of age, sex or individual abilities. The adventure with personal training starts with a consultation with the trainer.

Make the first step! Put yourself in the hands of a specialist!


  • You will be 100% focused on achieving your goal,
  • You will lose weight,
  • You will shape your body,
  • Your endurance and effort capacity will improve,
  • You will learn about a healthy diet and proper supplementation,
  • You will begin to lead an active life,
  • Your well-being and self-esteem will improve,
  • You can exercise in the relaxed atmosphere of the modern Medical & SPA Prestige Club,
  • You will use the most advanced exercise techniques resulting from extensive scientific research,
  • You will save the time you would waste on trying out and searching for the optimal set and form of exercises, suitable to your needs.