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Beauty treatments


Japanese Cosmolifting

Japanese Cosmolifting is an ideal alternative to the invasive procedures of aesthetic medicine. This holistic rejuvenation treatment provides exceptional results visible over the entire face, due to the stimulation of facial points and zones, combined with lifting and lymphatic drainage. It also demonstrates excellent results for the body. Cosmolifting is an ideal alternative to the invasive procedures of aesthetic medicine.

Effects of the massage:   

  • Stimulated regeneration of the deeper skin layers,
  • Reduced scars and wrinkles,
  • Improved facial oval,
  • Reduced oedema and even skin colour,
  • Visibly radiant and refreshed complexion,
  • Improved function of the internal organs.

Recommended number of sessions: a series of 5-10 treatments, performed 1-2 per week, and then 1 per month to maintain the results.

Exclusive treatment with gold

There is also a luxurious version where the Cosmolifting treatment uses 100% pure, 24-carat gold. Gold accelerates cellular renewal, facilitates the removal of toxins, and stimulates collagen production in the deep layers of the skin. The treatment leaves the skin smooth, tight and radiant. 

Advantages of using gold:

  • Stimulates collagen production in the deep layers of the skin,
  • Effectively penetrates and revitalises the skin,
  • Enhances lymphatic drainage and facilitates the removal of toxins,
  • Improves skin elasticity and radiance.

The gold treatment is recommended to reduce fine wrinkles and as an effective treatment against skin ageing. The treatment leaves the skin smooth, tight and radiant.



This ritual with the delicious scent of cranberry is an excellent option for treating the bust and décolletage, particularly for women whose skin lacks vitality. The skin in these areas can lose firmness and flexibility over time, so it should be treated with special care. Due to the high vitamin content, especially of vitamin C, the treatment brightens and visibly rejuvenates the skin, delays the ageing processes and stimulates the neutralisation of free radicals. The cranberries, full of vitamins, have been additionally enriched with the ABI COMPLEX, which demonstrates a protective effect on cellular DNA, and accelerates the regeneration processes. The main part of the treatment is a flexible mask to lift the bust. The firming and strengthening properties of the mask come from tiny Ulva Aosa algae, which contain an easily absorbed herbal equivalent of elastin. Due to the stimulation of fibroblasts, collagen production in the skin also increases, preventing the occurrence of stretch marks. The skin of the bust and décolletage becomes visibly rejuvenated, brighter, firmer, more supple and velvety smooth.


A bust and décolletage firming treatment for women of any age, especially those with dry and easily sagging skin. It is based on the activity of a powerful regenerative series containing goat milk, lychee and pearl, along with a modelling mask. The delicate skin of women requires additional nutrition, especially in the area of the bust and décolletage. The skin of the décolletage, often exposed to solar radiation, is early subjected to the ageing processes. Algae supply the skin with a variety of essential nutrients, strengthen the skin structure, stimulate the production of new collagen, prevent stretch marks and have smoothing properties. Goat milk, vitamin-rich lychee fruit, rejuvenating pearl extract and a soothing complex constitute a combination of ingredients with comprehensive skin care and skin structure strengthening properties. The Ulva Aosa algae in the modelling mask contain a protein which is a herbal equivalent of human elastin, as well as a high concentration of vitamin C supporting collagen production. The treatment increases breast firmness, prevents skin sagging, has strong regenerative properties and helps to restore smoothness and suppleness.


A body peel should be performed at least once a week. This is how we stimulate the process of epithelial renewal, so that the skin is left smooth and refreshed. The massage performed during the application of the cosmetic greatly improves blood supply to the skin, which helps to fight cellulite. After the peel the nutrients contained in creams, lotions, masks or body oils are more easily absorbed. The type of peel should be adjusted to suit the skin type. A sugar peel is the most appropriate for sensitive and dry skin. For normal or oily skin, a salt peel should be considered.

Sugar peel

Fine sugar crystals are immersed in herbal oils. Upon contact with water, the peeling particles gradually dissolve, and the nutrients in the cosmetic penetrate the skin, leaving it hydrated, soft and slightly oiled. Sugar peels are very delicate, and do not irritate even sensitive skin. They help to regenerate the skin and restore its natural protective layer.

Salt peel

Salt crystals demonstrate a more powerful peeling effect, so this peel stimulates microcirculation and cleanses the epithelium of toxins. Salt is rich in minerals which dissolve easily and penetrate into the skin. A salt peel is a perfect solution for tired skin deprived of energy.