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Additional Information

Resort tax:

All guests are also charged a resort tax:

  • 2,80 PLN per day

Parking fees

PAID PARKING ZONE near all Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort buildings

(Równica, Kos, Narcyz, Rosomak, UIZ)
first 10 minutes free of charge
each started hour 2 PLN
1-3 days 12 PLN per day
od 4 do 7 doby 8 PLN per day
8 days or more 6 PLN per day
14 days 110 PLN
21 days 152 PLN
(Hotel Wilga***)
first 10 minutes free of charge
each started hour 2 PLN
1-6 days 15 PLN per day
7 days or more 10 PLN per day

Anyone possessing an appropriately marked car and a disabled identity card are entitled to a 50% discount from the eighth day of their stay onwards.

  • Równica - please pay at the parking meter,
  • Kos, Narcyz, Rosomak, and Hotel Wilga*** - please pay at the reception desk.


  • Anyone receiving treatment at the Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort (Spas:  KOS, NARCYZ, ROSOMAK, RÓWNICA, and HOTEL WILGA) are given identification wristbands at the reception desk and charged a 20 PLN deposit; this will be returned on the last day of their stay. 
  • Our spas also have bike storage rooms.
  • Our building surroundings have many walking areas and bicycle routes. 
  • The 11th floor of the Równica Spa hosts an ecumenical chapel for anyone wishing to pray. 
  • Our facilities are suitable for anyone who is blind or with any other kind of disability requiring a guide dog. All guide dogs need to wear a muzzle, be on a leash and possess both a training certificate and a valid vaccine certificate (rabies).
  • All guests of the Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort may park their cars in the garage near the Narcyz Spa for a 50 PLN standard garage fee, regardless of the stay duration.  The garage fee is increased by the parking fee.
  • The Diagnostic Centre of the Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort offers additional examinations and medical consultations.