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The programme is designed mostly for individuals who suffered a stroke or spine surgery, as well as those with other illnesses of the nervous system.

The programme is designed to help patients regain their lost motor skills, as well as to increase their functional independence in all aspects of everyday life, using the concept of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), as well as neurorehabilitation according to the NDT-Bobath concept.

The medical programme includes:

  • medical examination with recommendation of treatment, 
  • medical consultation with a neurologist or a neurosurgeon, 
  • physiotherapy treatment: up to 5 treatment sessions per day 6 times a week,
  • daily kinesiotherapy depending on the patient’s fitness level,
  • educational sessions on how to relieve chronic stress (art therapy or ralaxation or music therapy), 
  • consultation with a nutritionist, 
  • all-day medical care (medical and nursing care). 

Formal requirements:

We recommend sending a filled-in form containing data on the patient’s condition. The form can be downloaded at: Please send the document to Uzdrowisko Ustroń prior to arrival (via post, e-mail or fax).
Document to download NEUROLOGICAL PROGRAMME (PDF).


  • in a single or twin room, at the Równica Sanatorium, at the hospital ward of the Health Resort Institute or at the Wilga*** Hotel (depending on the patient’s health), with full board (in line with the diet).

The price list for the Neurological Programme

  per 1 day
(1-7 days)    
per 1 day
(long than 7 days)
ingle room, standard
(Równica Sanatorium, floors IX-X and Wilga*** Hotel)
269 PLN 219 PLN
Twin room, standard
(Równica Sanatorium, floors IX-X and Wilga*** Hotel)
250 PLN 209 PLN
Single room, superior
(Równica Sanatorium, floors VII-VIII and Wilga*** Hotel)
290 PLN 240 PLN
Twin room, superior
(Równica Sanatorium, floors VII-VIII and Wilga*** Hotel)
265 PLN 220 PL
  Health Resort Institute
- hospital ward
Twin room 239 zł 199 zł

Suggested minimum term of treatment is 21 days.

Individual assistance of a care manager for 7 days from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm costs PLN 1390, each subsequent hour is PLN 20.

  • The price list contains gross prices per person.
  • The stay starts at 12:00 (dinner) on the arrival day and ends at 10:00 (breakfast) on the departure day.
  • During holiday periods there may be additional fees added to the cost of meals.
  • It is possible to purchase additional tests and consultation sessions (not included in the original program).


  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Telephone: +48 33 854 54 54
  • Fax: +48 33 854 28 98
  • Address: Biuro Obsługi Kuracjusza, 7 Sanatoryjna Str., 43-450 Ustroń, Poland
  • In person: Reception desk of the Równica Sanatorium