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Równica Sanatorium and Health Resort Hospital

The Równica Sanatorium and Health Resort Hospital is situated in the heart of the Beskid Śląski region, in the picturesque valley of the Vistula River, at the foot of Równica Mountain. The location offers unforgettable views of Czantoria and other mountains.

Enjoy comfortably furnished, welcoming single and double rooms, apartments and a dining room serving ample breakfasts, filling dinners, and light suppers. Only fresh products from reliable suppliers are used in preparing the meals. These meals can be mixed and matched to suit individual needs and dietary recommendations. The available diets include: basic and easily digestible with reduced content of easily absorbed carbohydrates for diabetics, low in calories (1200 kcal), for post-hospital oncological patients, and gluten free.

The Równica Sanatorium offers treatments for rheumatic and locomotor diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurological and respiratory disorders, diabetes and obesity. It specialises in the cardiological rehabilitation of patients following myocardial infarction, coronary angioplasty, those with an implanted aortocoronary bypass, implanted cardiac rhythm stimulator, implanted cardioverter-defibrillator, following cardiac valve(s) replacement or valvuloplasty, and patients with arterial hypertension, heart failure or arrhythmias. The programmes are developed following the latest standards of the Polish Cardiac Society. Cardiological rehabilitation is conducted in close cooperation with Polish American Heart Clinics.

The Równica Sanatorium and Health Resort Hospital buildings feature all the requisite facilities for people with disabilities or using wheelchairs. Moreover, a covered walkway connects the buildings with the Health Resort Institute, ensuring ease of access at any time of the year.

Równica offers free wi-fi (wireless Internet) in the Patient Club.